Introduction to Push Hands

Push Hands (a.k.a. Pushing Hands, Tui Shou, Sensing Hands) is an exercise performed by two people who are attempting to improve their Tai Chi skills. Practicing the Tai Chi solo form teaches one to remain balanced, focused and relaxed while in motion.

Only through the practice of Tai Chi Push Hands does one improve these abilities while in physical contact with another human being. To be balanced and relaxed while in contact with another person who is moving is a difficult task. Attainment of this ability opens the door to mastery of martial skill through Tai Chi Chuan.”

This video gives you a good overview of Push Hands.  We are unable to embed it so you will have to click on your “back” <  icon to return to this page.

Video clips on “What is Push Hands?” from a Push Hands DVD found at
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Push Hands via Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming

After many years of searching for a Tai Chi teacher who understands Tai Chi in comparison to other Martial Arts, I found Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming  on line.  I’ve spent many hours studying his online videos and purchased DVDs.

Below are several of his videos.  If you appreciate them, check out his vast storehouse of knowledge shared in his DVDs  at

In the following YouTube Video Published on Dec 1, 2012

Master Yang, Jwing-Ming demonstrates one and two hand push hands including grappling and throwing. He is one of America’s leading Tai-chi teachers. This footage taken from “The Best of American Tai-chi” dvd.

For info on this dvd see –…

As you are probably aware our interest and training is primarily in Yang Style Tai Chi;

however, we can learn much from practitioners of other styles especially when it comes to “Push Hands.”

7 Principles of Tai Chi Push Hands      Published on Apr 27, 2012

Wu Style Tai Chi Lineage Holder Bruce Frantzis talks about 7 principles that are to be developed within Tai Chi Pushing Hands.

Drawings and other explanations of Push Hands/ Sticky Hands can be found at