The Lineage of Tai Chi Village is a winding circle of many martial arts and many years of various teachers.  Dr. Bobbert started his martial arts quest in Inkster, Michigan with Doug Noxin and Isshinryu Karate, held classes at the American Graded School in Sao Paulo, then later he studied with Sin The in Lexington.  He began Tai Chi with Mason Smith at Eastern Kentucky University and Randy Johnson.  His studies continued with (Martial Arts Hall of Fame member) Master Ron Boyd at Ronin Bushido Aikido where he obtained  Nidan rank in Aikido and rank in Cane Self Defense and Arnis.   He assisted in Aikido Control training conducted by Master Boyd.  He began teaching “Tai Chi for Stress Management” at Eastern Kentucky University.  Tai Chi Village was founded in Ohio when he was approached by a neighbor whose chiropractor told him to have a back operation or find a Tai Chi teacher.  Dr. Bobbert had the privileged to study with many Tai Chi teachers and practitioners before he discovered “one of the most influential masters in the last 100 years.” Dr. Yang, Jing-Ming.”  He was invited to visit Dr. Yang at the Martial Arts Retreat in California.  He now continues his studies with Dr. Yang”s books, DVDs and “live” Seminars.  Dr. Bobbert continually compares his Tai Chi knowledge to what he learned in 9 years of Aikido practice and many years of practicing various styles of karate, stick fighting and cane fighting.

To further study the lineage of Tai Chi Village we refer you to Dr. Yang’s YMAA publications.

On May 31, 2010 Dr. Yang Published his  YMAA Taijiquan Lineage which you can find at