You can find Tai Chi Village classes many places.  Below is listed the places we currently are conducting classes.  

 You can start anytime.  No need to wait until a new class starts.

Tai Chi Village Exercise programs can help you in many ways.  People world wide are discovering that Tai Chi is an enjoyable way to relax and be healthy.  For many Tai Chi brings inner peace and joy as a healthier more vital person.

 Tai Chi is a gentle way to  reduce stress and anxiety. It increases flexibility and balance, can lower blood pressure and help you sleep better.  (Mayo clinic staff)

Continuing  Classes 

Tai Chi for Health

Lebanon, Ohio   Countryside YMCA  Wednesdays  7:00 – 8:00PM

 Landon, Ohio     Countryside YMCA  Thursdays  7:00 -8:00 PM



            Lebanon 6:00-7:00PM Wed

           Landon  6:00-7:00PM Tues

Tai Chi for Health

Mount Pleasant Retirement Village , Monroe, Ohio

             Wednesdays 3:00PM – 4:00PM

Miami University  Institute for Learning in Retirement

Thursdays October 9 – November 6    Completed

  Tai-Chi/Qigong 5 Elements

Sites currently not active

        Gracetree Yoga and Growth Studio  West Chester   concluded

Countryside YMCA at Otterbein, OH  concluded

Sunshine Therapeutic – Waynesville, OH  on hiatus

Glendale New Church Activity Room, Glendale, OH  organizing

Richmond, Kentucky YMCA  concluded

Eastern Kentucky University – Tai Chi for Stress Management – concluded

Our Tai Chi Classes are designed for Adults but all ages are welcome.   You can start anytime.  We all learn at different rates, so you can join and catch up or join then repeat a particular sequence.   My wife and I took one beginners class 3 times –(25 years ago), and now I teach others the joys of Tai Chi.

Want to teach others?

We now have a new curriculum to  teach practioners to become Tai Chi Leaders.

Interested in one of the sites currently not active.  Call us or the location and tell them you are intersted.