Disclosure Policy on Presentations & Presenter

Policy on Presenting Commercialism/Marketing & Presentation Policy

Unless specifically designated, Tai Chi Village programs are noncommercial forums. The inclusion of products, services, and materials used for practice and research may be included,  however, the presentation platform is not intended as a forum for sales or marketing activity.

Presenters will  disclose any proprietary interest. Presenters will refrain from overt statements or pointed humor, which disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual or group.

Presenter Disclosure Policy Presenter Disclosure Requirement

To encourage transparency and openness, presenters will disclose to attendees during their session any financial or nonfinancial relationships that exist related to the course/session content. If no financial or nonfinancial relationships exist, presenters should state this as well.

Presentations may be evaluated with hard copy or online forms that may have a “gift” associated for those who complete the evaluations.

Disclosure Policy

The intent of this disclosure is not to prevent an individual with a financial interest or other relationship from making a presentation, but rather to provide participants with information from which they can make their own judgments.