Jeff Fuell and Dr. Larry Bobbert decided to build community Tai Chi courses after discussing the program with  Erin Gallagher Urtiaga.  Jeff’s role in Tai Chi Village is one of student, teaching assistant, adviser and technology administrator.

Jeff’s organizational abilities drive this project.  He worked in building operation for 15 years, then was self-employed in HVAC doing Combustion Analysis and Electronic Control Design. Changed careers to become a Technology Administrator in private education and technology leadership in the Greater Cincinnati area. In 2007 he co-founded the Greater Cincinnati Non-Public Consortium (GCNPC) which combined schools technology equipment and software buying power. The consortium has grown to over 20+ active members.  The collaboration has led to sharing of best practices, new tools, and ideas in the classrooms.

In June of 2011, moved to a private school Technology Administrator position and brought this GCNPC to their technology program growth. Technology integration is changing to how teachers teach and how educators see the “classroom” as an ever expanding environment where students can have the world’s knowledge at their finger tips.

Jeff’s efforts in committees with architects and contractors helped develop Guarantee Maximum Price (GMP) which greatly assists educational institutions control cost of building additions and renovations.

In 1997 he moved to Hidden Valley Lake, Lawrenceburg, Indiana for 14 years. This community is a totally POA self-govern community. Through those years he was chairperson on Finance and Architectural Committees, then on the board and board president.

Now as a resident of the Mason community he’s bringing he past community involvement and group development experience to his next venture. He, Dr. Larry Bobbert and community members are creating a Tai Chi program for southern Ohio.

In 2013 he returned to his almamater as Elder’s Technology Administrator.


Jeff’s motto is say “‘Yes’ to Your Universe!”