Martial Arts Experience

Dr. Larry C. Bobbert     Dr. Larry C. Bobbert

Dr. Bobbert has practiced martial arts for over 50 years including Tai Chi,  Aikido, Karate, Qi Gong, Arnis and Cane Self Defense.  He has studied and practiced Tai Chi for over 25 years.  He earned a Black Belt in 2008 and his Nidan rank in Aikido in 2011.

Click here to see the free style fighting part of the test.    Nidan Test Video

Dr. Bobbert was adjunct faculty for Morehead University and taught Tai Chi for Eastern Kentucky University and communications and computer applications for Midway College.

He has done presentations in 34 states and 4 continents.

He bagan teaching karate at Bloomfield High School in 1967 with the help of Black belts from the Academy of Martial arts.  Norbert Donnelly (inducted in Isshinryu Hall of Fame in 1998) was his chief supporter and friend.  He continued teaching in Brasil at the Amereican Graded  school in Sao Paulo.

He taught Tai Chi for Stress Management at Eastern Kentucky University.   He started Tai Chi for Health in Ohio in 2010 at the West Chester Activity Center.  He currently teaches at Countryside YMCAs in Lebanon, and Landon; Mount Pleasant Retirement Village in Monroe, Gracetree Yoga Studios in West Chester.  He is doing a short course for Miami University ILR program.

Evade & Defend

Dr. Bobbert also offers No Nonsense Self Defense for Teens and PreTeens

and Simply Self Defense for Public Safety  Officers.

While watching young people practice martial arts Dr. Bobbert became aware that it would take them years to be proficient enough to defend themselves. Teens, preteens and adults need techniques that are simple to learn, effective in emergencies and don’t take years to master. He developed No Nonsense Self Defense and for expanded it for those who need to protect others in Simply Self Defense – Protect and Control.

Non Nonsense Self Defense is for Teens and young adults need techniques to keep themselves safe from bullies and others who might harm them.

Simply Self Defense – Protect and Control  is for  anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves from aggressors and then controlling them while not causing great harm.  Sometimes you encounter people on drugs, alcohol  or “spaced out” who you have to control without doing bodily harm, or you are subject to bullying.  Defending yourself and controlling the situation is what Simply Self Defense is all about.











Dr. Bobbert studied Aikido at

RonMAhallofFameRonin Bushido  Aikido in Richmond.

Chief Instructor and Founder

is Master Ron Boyd



The following is a  Certification Letter written for Dr. Larry C. Bobbert

      August 14, 2010   

     Ronald G. Boyd, Shihan  

     859 408 9015   

     Ronin Bushido Aikido of Kentucky 

Dr. Bobbert completed the requirements for the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt with

Ronin Bushido Aikido Club of Kentucky on January 12, 2008 and Nidan August 2011.

The Black Belt requirements include mastering  a 24 posture Tai  Chi  series.

He has assisted and lead Aikido classes in the home Dojo, Berea, and Northern Kentucky.   He has helped with ACT for Teachers  and ACT for Firefighters on several occasions.  He has participated in the recertification seminars for ACT instructors.

Larry reactivated and rebuilt the Ronin Bushido Web site that includes Aikido, ACT (Aikido Control Training) for law enforcement personnel, ACT for Teachers and ACT for Firefighters

Dr. Bobbert has also has been certified or ranked as a result of attending  special seminars
conducted on the behalf of Ronin Bushido Aikido.

a.   Five Element Tai Chi with Sensei Randy Johnson who studied it in China
b.   Tai Chi Sword also with Randy Johnson
c.    Arnis  attended  seminars and credit class at Eastern Kentucky University
d.    Tai Chi  credit class at Eastern Kentucky University in 2006
e.     Shiatsu Massage – 2 seminars

Larry attended “Cane Self Defense” certifying seminar with me in Lexington, KY

Dr. Bobbert taught Tai Chi for Eastern Kentucky University Workforce Development  several years.

He publishes a web site on Tai Chi that includes original drawings of various postures and
I have used some of  the “handouts” in various venues including some in other countries.

Dr. Bobbert brings his own unique methodology to his teaching including the use of video
training such as the Ron Dori DVD  and the Five Element Tai Chi CD  that he created for Ronin
Bushido Aikido.

Ron Boyd                    August 14, 2010
Ronald G. Boyd, Shihan                                      
Ronin Bushido Aikido

For several years Dr. Bobbert taught Stress Management through Tai Chi Exercises
at  Eastern Kentucky University.

He earned his Doctorate at the University of Cincinnati, Masters at Wayne State University and BS at Clarion University. He has given presentations in 34 states and 4 continents.

Anyone of any age can benefit from the positive health effects of Tai Chi.