Teens and preTeens


Don’t live in fear of crime and violence,  take reasonable precautions.

People take swimming lessons, so they can safely enter the water

Why not prepare yourself to safely walk down the street or enter your own home alone with knowledge and tools that can help with an unwanted visitor.

Our No Nonsense Self Defense  classes teach you how to React and Evade dangerous situations without years of training  by using simple effective techniques taken from Tai Chi , Aikido and street fighters.

 Most martial arts training takes years and years of practice to be effective, but the dangers are now.

Our Self Defense Techniques are based on defensive actions.  Defensive actions, however,  can be very powerful even for those smaller than the attacking bully.

No special uniform or equipment is needed.

First lesson – What to do if someone tries to grab, push or punch you.


In this are of our Tai Chi Village site we hope to present materials that can help teens and preteens and their parents gain knowledge that will help them against bullies and dangerous strangers.

We found the following on line at  KidZue.    Another reportedly good site is  Play It Safe.

Tips for Teaching Kids Self Defense

  • Project confidence and power: Stand tall, hands to your sides or behind your back, feet apart, chin up.
  • Defend yourself against physical aggression: Always keep 2 arm’s lengths between you and the bully. If they get too close, put your hands up by your face to protect your head and yell, “Back off! Leave me alone!”
  • Know the difference between being a tattletale and reporting. You are not a tattletale if you are reporting an incident that could hurt someone.  Here are some tips to on how to be a W.I.N.N.E.R
    • Walk away from the situation
    • Ignore the comment
    • Have No attitude or sassiness (Agree with the bully. Don’t say “whatever,” “who cares,” or “no”…these types of comments only anger bullies more.)
    • Say something Nice (“Hey, cool shirt!” Bullies have no idea how to deal with a compliment or smile!)
    • Escape. Refuse to fight. Turn and walk or run away to protect yourself.
    • Report the incident to an adult
  • Know how to be a W.I.N.N.E.R. when dealing with a bully:
  • Use your biggest powers: Your loud voice, your strong legs, and your confidence
  • Always keep strangers at least 5 arm’s lengths away. This includes strangers in cars.
  • Always walk or jog with at least one buddy. And always walk or jog against traffic so that
    • a.  you can see if a car is following you
    •  b.  you can more easily run in the opposite direction.
  • Never get in a car even if someone is pointing a gun at you. You have a 1% chance of coming home if you do.
  • Never follow a stranger who asks for your help. Normal grownups never ask children for help. Only dangerous strangers do.
  • Trust your gut. In other words, if you get a funny feeling around someone, that’s probably your “creep alarm” going off and it’s telling you to run away.
  • Strangers are not always creepy looking. In fact, dangerous strangers can look nice and be well dressed and polite.
  • When meeting someone new, shake hands (if you wish), and then take a step back. A creepy stranger will continue to come forward and invade your personal space.
  • If grabbed, Play It Safe recommends going “Chihuahua Crazy!” Make tiger claws with your fingers and jab at the person’s eyes, then kick their shins, wiggle and squirm, do “windmills” with your arms, drop to the floor, kick, and scream, “Stranger! Stranger! 911!” If your feet are grabbed, do an “alligator roll” to break their hold and continue to kick. (There’s an excellent example of this on Play It Safe’s website.)
  • Protect your body. If someone (even someone you know) tries to touch you inappropriately, yell, “Stop! Don’t touch me there! This is my No-No Square!”
  • Parents/caregivers: If your child becomes lost, do not tell them to stay put because they may become a predator’s target. Instead, they should actively seek out help from a worker (or group of workers) or another mom with kids immediately. Teach them to approach someone who they see first (not someone who sees them first). And report a lost child immediately; do not waste valuable time going around in circles looking.
  • Role-play, role-play, role-play.

 Another source you might check out is Gracie Bully Proof


“Bullies have been around since the beginning of civilization, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Over the last 85 years, the Gracie family has successfully bully-proofed tens of thousands of children using time-tested strategies featured in the Gracie Bullyproof program. ”  (This is from their web site)


Parent Preparation   and Rules of Engagement are two of their free programs.  To view the programs you are required to “register,” but the registration is free and entitles you to watch several free lessons and to ask questions in the Gracie Forum.  Should you find any problems with any of the listed sites, please email us immediately.  Just click contact.