This site is called ‘No Nonsense Self Defense.’ because we will present practical personal safety techniques that you can learn quickly and practice without joining some Martial Arts classes or learning some  ultimate fighting system.  

Studying a Martial Art is like going to college.  It takes time and commitment.  Taking a Self Defense Class is like taking a First Aid Class – short, simple, life saving and you can apply it immediately.

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We don’t expect you to learn flying kicks or throwing techniques to fight your way out of a dangerous situation. (Besides, according to Marc “Animal” MacYoung by the time (you’d need that much skill), odds are it’s too late.)

We have no intention of trying to sell you some fierce fighting tool that will solve all your personal safety concerns.

We’re here to give you “no nonsense information” about what’s involved in your personal safety.

You will find links to sites that explain how personal safety isn’t  just about self-defense.  You will learn about  conflict resolution, negotiation in potentially violent situations and other life saving skills.

To be safe you must consciously control the elements that put you into serious danger.

A huge focus of the linked site is what you can do to avoid putting yourself  into potentially dangerous situations in the first place. The same information not only steers you clear of violent situations, but safely guides you out if you do
find yourself in one.

Here we provide links to information and you decide  How deep you delve into a topic into each subject..

You don’t need to become a martial arts master to defend yourself or become paranoid and buy a gun.

Learning to use a little common sense is a big step in understanding what’s actually involved in keeping yourself and loved ones safe.   With solid information you can make the right decisions in dangerous situations.

No Nonsense Self-Defense is a  ‘low impact approach‘ to personal safety.  Our goal is to live safely without years of arduous training.

You need not live in fear of crime and violence, but you need to take reasonable precautions that will deter most criminals from choosing you as their victim.

Your best weapons are knowledge, awareness and avoidance.  In this Self Defense course we will discuss 5 areas that will help you without years of martial arts practice.

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  Unlike the Arts violence has no rules.

Simple, but brutally effective self defense moves are completely different than sport and martial arts.

Your best weapons are knowledge, awareness and avoidance  but the solution for self defense in a true violent confrontation is simple.

Use the same tool right back at them, but use it better and more efficiently.

Take their exposed weak spot and destroy it and then destroy the next one and the next one and so on, until they are not functioning anymore.  It doesn’t matter if you use a rock, your fist, the butt of a gun or your foot.  Just get the job done and live to walk home another day.

I believe martial arts and sports are outstanding and provide the best defense in a school yard or bar fight scenario where the intent is to prove yourself or knock somebody down a peg.

However some situations can quickly become life or death situations under the wrong circumstances.

It’s the unspoken secret no one’s ever explained about saving your life in a true hostile situation.
Why criminals have always owned the advantage… and how you can finally snatch it from them.

Many tell you that to protect yourself from violence you’ve got to learn a martial art or combat sport — that you must learn self defense.  
Facts are, training like that is exactly how to get killed!

The truth is… your best self defense in a life-or-death confrontation is injuring the other guy.  

 And it’s the one thing that can make a difference.  Because if you try to keep yourself from being stabbed – you’ll get stabbed.

Try to avoid being shot – and you’ll get shot.

It’s the dirty little secret every predator knows, but no one in the self defense world talks about it.
When facing violence on the street today, the only thing guaranteed to get you out alive is injuring your assailant.

So how to avoid being robbed?

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For a good Introduction to No Nonsense Self-Defense. go to Marc and Dianna’s Introductory page.  If  the link here does not work then cut and paste the following URL into your address bar.

One caveat:
Dr. Bobbert only recently discovered Marc and Dianna’s site after designing his Beginning No Nonsense course, so you may find some things that differ from what you may hear in class.  If this occurs, please mention it in class, so we can discuss which idea holds the most value for you and other people taking Dr. Bobbert’s class.

The following is a sample curriculm for the Beginners No Nonsense Class. 

The links above are part of a copied syllabus.  Below the links should work.


Mrs. Joanne McClaine
Creative Girls Adventure Book Club
Main Street Library     (City and State were not included in the email)

Mrs. Joanne McClaine’s “Girls”  suggest the following sites.   I have not checked them out thoroughly but in their email they explain “I just wanted to send you a quick note on behalf of some of the girls I work with here in our After School Program! We’ve been using your page ( ) quite a bit while going over self-defense and sexual assault/ rape prevention, it has been super helpful 🙂

As a ‘Thank You’, a couple of the young ladies  found and wanted to pass along a page with a ton of self-defense and protection resources: ( ) 

We’ve actually been using it just as much as your page and thought that maybe you would want to include it on your Self Defense Resource page! 

Thanks again!  -Joanne

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