This page  grows as we find new places where serious tai chi practitioners discuss their findings and practices.

We hope to avoid listing anyone who considers themselves an expert since most of the real experts have been dead along time.  The following sites present ideas and material we find useful.

After posting this for some years we found a living teacher we believe can be called an expert, Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming.  We have visited his California Retreat and have many of his books and videos.  Black Belt magazine named him Kung Fu Artist of the Year in 2003.  In 2010 they listed Dr. Yang as one of the top 100 Martial Arts influencers of all time.

“Seeing the misconceptions of traditional Chinese arts and culture in America, Dr. Yang gave up his engineering career to dedicate his life to preserving the arts and educating the people about Chinese culture. Since 1982, he has systematically driven and developed an international martial arts organization of 45 schools in 18 different countries. Today, there are thousands of students worldwide in Yang’s Martial Arts Association (YMAA). Dr. Yang has also written over 30 books. He founded YMAA Publications Center in 1984 to publish his extensive knowledge of martial arts and Eastern culture. YMAA Publications has since become a pioneer and leading standard in the martial arts community worldwide.”

YMAA Retreat Center

Dr Yang’s History 

At YMAA Publishing


 You can see records of his study with Grand Masters, how he became a teacher, and author.


Paul Lam   Has been a favorite “onLine” Tai Chi personality for a long time.

  Check out Paul Lam at the Tai Chi for Health Institute

Other publications:
Uncovering the Treasures in Tai Chi by Stephen Hwa
Staying up  when feeling down.  Dr Larry C. Bobbert

In a recent email from Tiffany at  “an educational company called Udemy”  we found “this interesting  article on How an American Dancer Introduced Tai Chi to America. “


Interesting POSTs and BLOGS

Eric Borreson — I enjoy reading his posts and they make sense to me.