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Erin is a Massage Therapist at Mantra Massage, BodywoRx.Mantra and Gracetree Studio

 Bio Summary

After my B.A. in psychology opened my eyes to the world of diagnostics, I was quick to seek out healthcare that viewed and “treated” the body/mind/person as a whole. After sampling a wide range of such centers, I enrolled in massage therapy school. Fellow practitioners of every sort, books and workshops are always shifting me forward. I’ve worked as a physical therapy aide, learning a lot about posture and balancing muscle groups to prevent pain. I dabble in non-profit work, as I have a deep desire to event plan from a place of love and support. Since my move to Cincinnati in 2010, I have been so grateful to discover these little nooks around the city, housing separate, but connected practitioners of all types. I’ve had the privilege of pooling some of us together to form something of a collaborative and am eager to see what amazing things will come out of it!

My practice is a blend of things I’ve found to be most crucial to healing; supportive bodywork, supportive body movements, effective stress handling, hydration, and nutrition. Supportive bodywork, to me, means treating the body as a whole. If the right shoulder has pain, let’s explore if it’s balanced with it’s surrounding structures. Let’s unwind the 3-D fascial sheet that surrounds and connects every structure underneath your skin, so the body can gently return back to it’s neutral, where things begin functioning as they were meant to. Let’s introduce supportive body movements and begin training in meditation and other stress-handling skills, like energy work, to prevent/handle further pain/disfunction. Hydration is imperative and although I cannot currently counsel on nutrition I can certainly share many resources, books, and referrals to de-inflame your system so it has it’s best chance at healing and preventing further pain/illness. My practice nurtures self love, self support~finding and living from your light! I’m honored to be a part of your journey!

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Massage is one of the oldest healing arts dating back 3000 years. Massage therapy is known for its ability to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and manage stress.


This signature massage combines soothing and relaxing strokes, which promote balance and harmony. The practitioner uses light to moderate pressure to enhance circulation while gentle stretching reduces tension.



DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE massage technique focuses on deeper layers of muscle tissue which helps loosen muscle tissues, release toxins and also get blood and oxygen circulating properly.  This treatment may leave some sore; therefore, it is not recommended for first time massage therapy clients.


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