Here we will provide information and links that could help you in your quest to find reliable information on Tai Chi and other internal martial arts, qi gong, general health and self defense.

My favorite on line Tai Chi site  – Paul Lam –  Tai Chi Health Institute

Since Tai Chi beginnings were handed down by word of mouth, Tai Chi History is difficult to asertain.
Eric Borenson, a Paul Lam student has an amusing and realistic perspective on Tai Chi History.

Click here to find it    Historic Perspective by this site is amusing and realistic. 



Baduanjin Qigong  (8 Brocades)

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8 Brocades one of the Qigong exercises we advocate.  You can find videos on Youtube.  We like the  Shaolin style by Master Shi De Yang, but others are equally effective so we mix and match in class to find those that a particular class can benefit from the most.

Shaolin Monk 8 Pieces of Brocade (Baduan Jin) on Youtube


We also like  –Qigong: Eight Piece Brocades Chi Kung  by taichisao on  It is a simplier version


Friends websites

Some of our friends are beginning websites that you may enjoy:

Thrive Community  is a place to find alternative health and massage specialists.

 Connect2Win is a unique exchange wherein you can find many training specialists.