Dr. Larry C. Bobbert


Many warm up exercises exist .  Warm Ups should be slow and exercise one set of muscles while the rest of your body relaxes.  

Warm ups are easy motions, such as  turning the head from side to side, moving your shoulders in circles or turning from side to side gently swinging your arms.  They help you to loosen your muscles and joints and focus on your breath and body.  You get your body “ready” to do more.  Avoid  stretching and moving more than 80% during warm ups.  Inadequately warming up is the cause of many injuries in all sports type activities.

One set of Warm Ups is just about as effective as any other since they are designed merely to get your muscles “warmed up” and ready to exercise without causing stress or “cold” injuries.  For advanced classes sometimes we use either the 8 Brocades or 5 Elements  as the warm up exercises, but they are executed very slowly.  You can see the 8 Brocades and 5 Elements by cursoring over the Exercises button then selecting either in the drop down menu.

The following are warm ups that I have done in various martial arts and Tai Chi classes.  We use them first in  my Tai Chi for Personal Stress Management classes at Eastern Kentucky University.

Warm Ups WarmUps3-6 WarmUps7-9