We do free demonstrations for organizations that want a “preview” for possible classes,  schools and civic organizations like Kiwanis, Toastmasters and Exchange Clubs and others.

We also do classes and presentations  for Conferences, meetings and other business and professional organizations.


Contents of our demonstration/presentations is outlined in the chart below, but we can redesign them to fit most venues, times and environments.


DEMO  In this demo we will study exercises from 3 aspects of Tai Chi

We lead the group in some warm up exercises – some of which are 2000 years old but seem modern.

Warm Ups

Head, Shoulders, Waist

Second  we lead them in 3 of the basic 5 Elements that are good stress relievers and  muscle relaxers that can be done standing or sitting.

3 of 5 Elements




Third we challenge participants in a mental game that they can do seated or standing.HandsDemoScrn

Forth (if enough time) we show them 2 of the 8 Pieces of Brocade made famous by an Eleventh century Chines general