5 Element Tai Chi

brought from China by Randy Johnson

     Often Tai Chi and other martial arts have a story to illustrate the form and help students remember the sequence of  movements.       














The 5 Elements Story

    5 Elements is a story of how the earth

                  has a volcanic eruption and spews fire

                  and lava which flows to the sea

                  creating a great wave. The wave’s swell

                   causes the water to return as a tsunami.

                  The water causes the lava to harden.

                Wind and birds plant seeds that grow and cover the earth.


Click below to see a video  step by step explanation of the major movements in 5 Elements.

5 ElementsL1 FireWater











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Here is a quick “reminder” drawing of the 5 Elements.  It is here to help new students or those who took a break.
















Below the 5 Elements  are explained with  the Chinese idea of how our body and mind work .

Sorry I cannot give the original writers credit for the following.  I found it a long time ago and have used it in my brochures.

I neither wrote it or have verified it.   The explanations correspond to much of what i have learned over the years and it is a good synthesis of what I know.  Please continue your research if you would like to know more or if someone tells you there is an error within.

5 Elements Explained