Safe in a Timeless World

        Told to me in between the lines of Remembering the Islander


I live here

on my island vineyard

Far away from the rush

and mayhem of civilization.

Protected in an ageless story book garden

where we can plant conveniences,

Beat out the conflict, connivances and sweat

of the twenty-first century earth.

But we can keep away the sharp edge swords

of competition, rush hour traffic and

the dearth of simple civility.


My computer cracks my timeless world

As an eye on forbidden fruit

infected by technology, crime,

cars and trucks flying by at frenetic pace

on the sea of humanity

my eyes absorb as finger tips race,


But I live here


Safe and sound




Live here shielded

From the time consuming rush of civilization

Cramping people in concrete cages

Eating lives engaged in meaningless transportation


Oh, I can go taste it when I must

Out of fear, need or lust.

But I am here

Not Far Away

but Safe in a Timeless World



(from the writer as he continues to contemplate after reading Islander)


A friend lives floating on the sea

In a marvelous hidden garden, vineyard,  timeless world


A world surrounded by the

Ever changing sea



But not for me

Not for me.

I need the illusion of freedom

Brought by jumping in my car

Driving , driving, flowing over concrete ribbons

Floating on giant ships to distant lands

Flying through open spaces, mountains, valleys, steams

Discovering what’s over the next horizon.


But happy

Very happy because

We both can place our hopes and dreams

Into a keyboard bottle

And wisp it thousands of miles into the sky

Hit a tech bird that excites them on their way

They fall to earth we know full well where

The text glows

And in my minds eye


My friend

Not Far Away

but Safe in a Timeless World


Larry C. Bobbert, Ed. D    January 5, 2009