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Note:  I subscribe to Modern Qi Gong because I find the material very enlightening.  Following is a recent edited email .

Lee Holden wrote:

…. there’s definitely something to it (Qi Gong) – after all… it’s been around for over 4,000 years.


We started off Qi 101 with a very simple concept – getting you used to FEELING your Qi…  



>>Lesson 1 – Feeling your Qi. 

Consider this as your introduction to what Qi is all about. I explain my story, how I discovered Qi,

what Qi Gong did for me, and most importantly – what it can do for YOU.

You have learned:


* That your ‘Life Force Energy’ is called Qi and when it flows smoothly within your body, it revitalizes your immune system, nourishes your cells and activates your natural healing abilities.

* You can train your body to fight disease faster, and if you learn to work with your Qi you can even

eliminate problems before they arise.

Qi Gong is an easy to follow practice, which at its core, cultivates Life Force Energy to help achieve healing and longevity.

* Apart of healing, Qi Gong has also other benefits – it gives you better sense of presence, sharpers

your focus or greeters creativity.

* My way of teaching Qi Gong to new students involves taking them though 3 simple steps: step 1 – FEELING your Qi; step 2 – ACTIVATING your Qi flow within your body and step 3 – LIVING your Qi though simple and fun daily routines to create long lasting results.

* You learned a simple exercise for FEELING your Qi within you (comes at 8 minutes of the video).



… second lesson – ACTIVATING your Qi


>>Lesson 2 – Activating your Qi

… it featured one of my favorite techniques! … I shared with you the ‘Knocking on the door of life’ technique – one of Qi Gong’s most famous and beneficial exercises.

You (can explore):


* …Meridian points on your body.

* … your lower back energy points known also as Doors of Life points responsible for improving

your blood flow, activation of your energy and vitality.

* The second set of energy points were the Lung Points, responsible not only for your lungs but also for your immune system.

* Map of  meridian points for you to download and keep. Here is the direct link to it >>

* … ‘Knocking on the door of life’ exercise (it comes at 1:20).



The third and final lesson looked to serve as an almanac for all things energetic – LIVING your Qi


>>Lesson 3 – Living your Qi 


… answer…  in numerous videos some of the most common (Qi) questions…including how fast you can expect to see results, how to get started on a routine, how often you should practice… including sharing some secrets like:


* …you can start getting results almost immediately! … lesson 1 (developing) a sense of calm and relaxation…

* When you get that feeling, the trick is to build on it and push it as far as you can. I share with you some stories of people who have done this to great effect, and reported benefits such as better general health and more positive energy.

* That it is not only about healing, there are other powerful side effects of Gi Gong too,  just as sharper focus and mental clarity.

* The difference between Tai Chi and Qi Gong…is explained…

* Finally, that there’s not much difference between you and a Qi Gong master, just that one is a little further along the journey than you are 🙂





But if you want to go further. If you want to feel more abundant energy. If you want to learn the framework to really start healing and helping yourself – then I highly recommend picking up a copy of my Discover Qi program.


>>All the details of Discover Qi can be found right here


Take a look through and decide if its right for you. If you would like to know more about it, me and my team are available 24/7 at support@modernqigong.com.


Qi 101 may have come to an end Larry, but I have a feeling you’re just getting started…


Live free – Live Qi


Lee Holden