Breakthrough Tai Chi helps reinvigorate stem cells, researchers find

Why Tai Chi has many HEALTH BENEFITS Taipei, June 7 (CNA).

Tai Chi has long been considered good for the body, and practitioners say it helps them live a longer, healthier life.  Taiwanese researchers have identified one possible reason .  It “apparently reinvigorates stem cells.”

In a study published in the international medical journal Cell Transplantation, “a research team found that tai chi can increase the number of stem cells in practitioners.”
In the study, 60 subjects were divided into three groups, two of which undertook tai chi and speed walking, respectively, and a control group that did no exercise at all.

“The tai chi practitioners saw their individual stem cell counts increase by increments of three to five times.

Regular tai chi exercises helped the subjects with heart function, reinvigorated neural cells in the brain, balanced excitement and inhibition controls, and helped with mental trauma and nerve exhaustion”

Web site:   201406070027.aspx  or

Tai Chi a NEW(old) Weapon to Battle Aizheimer’s

Research says Tai Chi is effective in warding off dementia.  The exploding  population of Americans struggling with Alzheimers can find help practicing Tai Chi according to studies in the University of South Florida and Sudan University in Shanghai.

Other good news…

a UCLA study reported in Journal of American Geriatrics Society showed that Tai Chi not only reduced the pain of shingles, but boosted immunity against the disease.


Steal from Steve Jobs what he took from the Ritz

I include this article for all my friends who, like me, are trying to build their Health and Wellness Businesses.  The following was excerpted from an article by Micah Solomon for Inc.  You can read the original article at  What STEVE JOBS Stole .

When CEO Steve Jobs and Ron Johnson were getting ready to open the first Apple stores they asked employees, “What’s the best customer experience you’ve ever had as a customer?”

The replies from every employ asked, “…the best customer experience took place at the Ritz-Carlton resort or a five-star hotel.”  So Apple enrolled all it’s soon-to-be Apple Store managers in the training and leadership program of the Ritz-Carlton.

Where did the Genius Bar idea come from?  ,,,directly modeled on the concierge station of a large hotel.

ACS model     Apple emulates the (ACS) anticipatory customer service model.  The ACS model (as applied by Apple) fulfills “even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests”

“Apple employees  focuse on fulfilling unexpressed wishes. They know that this focus …is the most direct way to build engaged, likely-to-become-loyal customers.”

Anticipatory service at the Apple Store can begin for customers even before they arrive in the flesh. If a customer makes use of the Apple Store app, a revolutionary tool that allows customers to schedule a visit and have employees available for them personally, Apple is able to expect–anticipatethe customer’s arrival at the Apple Store.

Want more go to What Steve Jobs Stole From Ritz-Carlton (and You Should Steal From Apple)  by Micah Solomon at INC.

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Dr Yang, Jwing-MIng Chin Na Workshop

Dr Yang, Jwing-MIng Chin Na & Tai Chi Massage Workshops

Had the privilege to attend two Workshops with Dr Yang, Jwing- Ming.  (Chin Na and Tai Chi massage).   Dr Yang is the author of over thirty books, and was elected YangLaryJon315by Inside Kung Fu magazine as one of the 10 people who hasmade the greatest impact on martial arts in the past 100 years.”

Check out his books and videos at  or google Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming and see samples of his videos on Youtube.  He said i was a “hero” then laughed.  He explained that it was because I was nearly a decade older than him and was still involved in Tai Chi and Self Defense classes.

The Chin Na was effective but left me aching a bit.   The Tai Chi Massage was much different than Ron Boyd’s Shiatsu classes but just as enjoyable.   Now I  have had the priveledge  of knowing two martial arts teachers that I admire for their multiple skill sets.



Keeping Your Kids Safe


Recently encountered a great book for kids.  My 5 year old twin grandchildren and I had a lot of fun with the quiz “What Would You Do”   It has questions like “What if a stranger asked…” with 3 possible, plausible answers.  They loved the game.  5 year olds  attention started to wane.  We changed the game so we could add a choice D, E or S.  The “S” was a choice by Claire.  Our choices were crazy and wrong, but the game was so delightful that we went through the entire quiz.   We chatted.  Even told stories on the way to the end of the quiz.

I loved it and so did the “kids.”

And now I know they understand a lot more about Safety, Strangers and people who might help or hurt them.

February TaiChi Village NEWSLETTER

Contents of our Tai Chi Village Newsletter for February include

New Year Commitment to Exercise

Mindfulness & Your Best Friend

13 Tips to Keep Your Teenage Daughter Safe

No Nonsense Self Defense 3 part series

Current Class Schedule

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Mindfulness & Your Best Friend

Mindfulness (the ability to live each moment as it unfolds and accept it without judgment) research suggests that mindfulness can help reduce stress and enhance health.

We know our furry friends offer unparalleled companionship. Owning a dog can prompt you to be more physically active — have leash, will walk. Having a dog can also reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, help calm jagged nerves, and improve the lives of older individuals.  “Perhaps one of the greatest psychological benefits of interacting with a dog is the opportunity it provides to be more mindful — to purposely focus your attention on the present moment.


Mindfulness is a component of many relaxation techniques, including yoga, deep breathing, tai chi, massage, reflexology, journaling, and prayer. You can also easily use the technique while walking with a dog.

Learn more in our February Newsletter

Watch the Flame – Art of Meditation

Recently on LinkedIn the subject of “Meditation the Art of Not Trying” came up.

My reply was, “Watch the Flame”

candle “Don’t move unless you are too uncomfortable to remain as you are.” Watch the flame.” When done watching the flame. Quit. Don’t think of the flame until you want to watch the flame again. As one begins to get the “empty mind” a match may be long enough to watch the flame. Gentle ocean waves may substitute especially at sunset. Some time you can see the flame in your mind. No need for dissertations, psychological analysis, just “watch the flame.”

Watching a match flame is effective curing hiccups 65% of the time because it lets you relax and your muscles react to the slowing of brain activity. “Watch the Flame!”

Self Defense – Teach the kids

We are going to start a sequence of Self Defense blogs with the best information we can find.

We’ll begin with information from a handout from our No Nosense Self Defense “You & Your Kids Can Protect Yourselves”

First is attitude

“Nobody can make you feel bad, dumb or unworthy without your permission

You decide if what someone says or does makes you feel bad, feel dumb or feel unworthy.

No one else decides. Think to yourself “___ does not have my permission.”

Sometimes you cannot stop what people do or say, but you always have a mind to help you make the right decision on how you feel and what you do.

Your best weapon is your brain – your knowledge, awareness and ability to avoid situations. Unlike the Martial Arts violence has no rules. Our Self Defense courses help you to avoid, evade and escape without years of martial arts practice. Martial Arts have their place and can be very effective after years of practice, but are often more sport and competition than real self defense.

Learn More:

Self Defense classes are like First Aid.  Martial arts classes require a long term commitment like going to college.  Self Defense classes give you something you can use now.   MA classes prepare you to be a good fighter but it takes years.

Coming next: Tips on How to Avoid being robbed or “picked on.”

or get a head start at  HOW to AVOID BEING ROBBED on Tai Chi Village/Robbed