24 Posture Yang Style Tai Chi Form.


Many Tai Chi Village participants have enjoyed improved health and well being while practicing Tai Chi movements we enjoy. The Tai Chi Village expanded 24 Posture Yang style video form is demonstrated by Dr. Larry C. Bobbert. He makes no claims for the authenticity of the style explaining, “This is the way we learned and practice Tai Chi.”

Dr Bobbert has studied with several “teachers” for 34 years. The Simplified 24 posture government form was designed for specific reasons, but after long practice, study and teaching we found and incorporate some of the “old” style nuances to the simple moves.  Each move modification has a specific reason for being added–either for martial application or for enhancing balance and other health attributes of the classic forms. Out bodies are all different and we learn at different speeds.

Tai Chi has so many attributes from breathing, to movement and fluidity that contribute to health living and perhaps extending our healthy living lives. Check out Harvard Medical School Tai Chi, Mayo clinic Tai Chi or our website with many links to the health benefits of practicing various forms of Tai Chi.

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